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April 22, 2007



I love black women and I also am an artist and do the occasional nude drawing from time time. I do respect the women that I draw and try to show the highest compliment that I can give them through my artwork. Some people on the other hand don't respect the women of the world and just use them to gain profit. . .just sayin

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I look at Christianity in this way. There is no physical grade for least not on earth. But there is always something that you could be studying, any guesses on what that is? If your guess was the Bible...your RIGHT! But take a look at your bible right now. Is it daily gathering up dust like in the picture? I know for a time in college, the dust is all I saw. I was too worried about getting a page ripped or getting the leather bound cover messed up that I hardly took it anywhere. Instead, it laid on my nightstand waiting for a time when I would feel convicted and pick it up for 5 minutes. Years later, I would figure out that one way you can tell if someone is in the word is by looking at that cover.

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I couldn't have said it better myself! Thank you for standing up for your fellow human beings!


Thanks Dr. Mackie,

I am a black woman and I for one do not appreciate the way I am disrespected in music and/or on reality TV shows. I am angry when people in White America are disrespectful, but I am even more enraged at Black America.

I work at an all white college and while leaving work I heard a group of students say “Nigga! Leave it, get in the car…” of course I was shocked and could not believe that a black student would allow such a thing to be said. I had to wait to see if it was a student I knew so we could have a conversation later. You can imagine how suprised I was when the car pass with a group of all white men in it. Of course I blamed the hip-hop generation for this type of disrespect. I am angry and hurt that I live in a time that glamorizes disrespectful words and phrases about black people especially black women. I will continue to fight against and will not support any venue (media or music) that disrespects the black woman and black people.

I believe that I am responsible and must educate people in the sphere of my influence that music, reality TV and hip-hop does not represent and/or define the black community or me as a black woman. I know I am responsible and must address these issues when I am given the opportunity and if I don't then the next generation will become enslaved to words and phrases that I have allowed to define Black America.

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